After Trump's Panned Foreign Policy Speech, Hannity Criticizes Hillary Clinton's Tone During Her Speeches

Sean Hannity: “Is Hillary's Screaming Hurting Her? ... She Gets Louder And Louder And Screams And Screams” 

From the April 27 edition of Fox News' Hannity

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Is Hillary's screaming hurting her? I'll start with you, A.J.

A.J. DELGADO: I don't know if it's the screaming that's hurting her. It's really her record and the fact that she's somebody that has ridden her husband's coattails to becoming the presidential contender. That's why you see her unfavorability rating among women is in the fifties. So, it might be the screaming isn't going to help. But really, Sean, it's just a matter of who she is and how she got to where she is. She's just not likable and she's not a role model. 

HANNITY: Yeah. What do you think D.C. Mcallister? Do you think it -- She seems to, for whatever reason, we got into this discussion the other night with Geraldo -- she just gets louder, and louder, and screams and screams. It seems like nobody's telling her on her campaign that may not be the best delivery. Your thoughts? 

D.C. MCALLISTER: She is very unlikable, and I guess she just has to overcome her deficits by yelling louder. Women do not like her. She's not the kind of feminist that women want. The younger women especially look at her and just see her as a white privileged woman who has ridden her husband's coattails, and so they don't like her a lot. The only problem is is that Donald Trump has a women's problem as well, but Hillary Clinton, boy, she has a long ways to go when it comes to attracting them.

HANNITY: What do you think Lisa? 

LISA BOOTHE: Well Sean, I think the bigger point that Donald Trump's trying to make here is the pandering. Hillary Clinton is a prolific panderer. And look, she's trying to play cards that she doesn't even have. She was accused by an African-American radio host before the New York primary of pandering to black voters by saying she carries hot sauce around in her purse. She was accused of “hispandering” when she, her campaign pushed out the seven ways that Hillary Clinton is just like your abuela. And when she tried to pretend like she is just like everyday Americans who take the subway, she was mocked by SNL because it was an epic failure when she tried to use the metro. So, I think that's the broader point that Donald Trump is trying to make here. 


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