After NBC reporter points out his incendiary remarks, Sean Hannity has a meltdown, threatens to sue

From the October 24 edition of Premiere Radio Network's The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): But the media today and their reaction to this is so over the top, so outrageous, so disgustingly partisan. It just -- they're so quick to blame President Trump, Fox News, talk radio. You got this NBC reporter saying that these packages shouldn't be written off as the work of an extremist fringe, but rather mainstream Republican media outlets like Fox News and talk radio. You know, this jackass maybe needs to go back and hear my history because, I've got the tapes when Obama was president -- you know, whenever there was any threat to the president when the guy walked into the White House -- I said that we got to protect our president, doesn't matter what their politics are. We've got to protect all our politicians, retired politicians. And they purposely do this for cheap political points.

My answer is, I want everybody safe. Everybody needs to stop. And the silence, if there's been silence, it has been from the left. As we've watched women repeatedly run out of restaurants, and people, you know, confronted in public, marching orders given by the leaders of the Democratic Party, not the Republican Party. This is -- it's so outrageous.

Who is this Ben Collins? He's the -- you know, I feel like suing somebody like him and ramming the tapes I have of defending people and telling people never to act like this up his you-know-what in a court of law. Because he's a liar.

Following bomb scares targeting multiple Democratic figures, Collins had pointed to remarks previously made by Hannity and others in right-wing media:


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