Fox News contributor: Disney wants to “sexualize our children”

Sean Duffy: Disney is “making films that will indoctrinate” our kids

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Citation From the March 30, 2022, edition of Fox News' Faulkner Focus

HARRIS FAULKNER (ANCHOR): People who live in Florida are fed up with the wokeness of Disney World. Here's some leaked video posted on Twitter yesterday -- it appears to show multiple Disney leadership members pushing a progressive LGBT agenda onto their employees. And on the list of changes, ditching the company’s all gender terms in their theme parks. The speakers also criticized Florida's new parental rights law. 


FAULKNER: Power panel: Sean Duffy, former Republican Congressman from Wisconsin, Fox News contributor. Brad Woodhouse current senior advisor to the DNC, former Obama campaign senior advisor and former DNC communications director. Gentlemen great to have you both in focus. Sean I'll start with you and your take on the pushback and that leaked tape.

SEAN DUFFY (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): I think this is an American realization that Disney is not the Disney of our childhood, right? They've gone very progressive, very woke. I mean, the fact that they want to sexualize our children and our children's childhoods for their own political agenda is incredibly disturbing. And again, you would hope that Disney would be about making money and making then films that kids want to watch. Instead of making films that kids want to watch, they're actually making films that will indoctrinate them. And so, I think what you're going to see is parents who say, “Listen, I don't want my kids to be part of Disney. I don't want them to be woke-ified from Disney product. And I'll look somewhere else for movies and videos that fit the values that I raise my kids within my home.”

FAULKNER: What's your reaction to the video Brad?

BRAD WOODHOUSE: Well, first of all the outrage here is not about Disney. This whole issue is not about Disney. God bless the outrage machine, no one does it better. This is about Ron DeSantis and Republican legislature that is dividing people and demeaning people simply for the purpose of dividing and demeaning people. It's a political strategy. We've seen it with Critical Race Theory and later in the fall we'll see it with MS-13. You know, it'll be these culture war issues meant to drive Republican politics. This isn't a problem. This is a solution in search of a problem purely for the purpose of politics, that's what it's about. 

FAULKNER: I want to have you two talk to each other. Because I think it's important. Go ahead, Sean. You guys kind of go at. I'm curious. You see it so differently.

WOODHOUSE: I'm not going to go at it --

DUFFY: I want to talk about division though. When you want to sexualize kindergartners, first graders and second graders, third graders, which is what Ron DeSantis is talking about. We're not going to talk about transgenderism or any sexual topics with really little kids. It's inappropriate. And so to say that is a divisive bill, most Americans, most of parents agree that is not appropriate conversations for my kids but also it's not appropriate for a school to have that conversation with my kids. So who is dividing? It's these radical leftists that are trying to indoctrinate my children that are dividing America.

WOODHOUSE: Sean, where was the existential crisis? Where was this indoctrination going on across the state of Florida? Nowhere was this happening. Ron DeSantis decided he needed a political issue [crosstalk] to be more Trump than Trump, so he decided to go out and divide that state. And divide parents. 

DUFFY: Have you not seen the videos? Do you not see what is happening in the classroom Brad? It's happening all over the country.