After more incidents with Boeing planes, Fox News contributor blames DEI

Sean Duffy on real world problems involving Boeing planes: “This is a pilot problem. It brings everyone to diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

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Citation From the March 8, 2024, edition of Fox News Outnumbered

SEAN DUFFY (CONTRIBUTOR): So, and to add to the story, we also have a whole bunch of near misses that have happened as well.


DUFFY: So it begs the question, everyone watching our show is thinking the exact same thing, when did this start to change?

When did we almost have all of these accidents, when did doors fly off? This is a pilot. He has landed. He's on his way to the gate. He went off the runway, it appears. This is a pilot problem. It brings everyone to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Are we hiring the best pilots, the best mechanics, the best air traffic controllers? I don't care what your race, your sex, your religion, I just want the best people. And if you don't hire the best people for these jobs, these bad things happen.

And here is the deal I think. Democrats want this because if you're afraid to fly, you going to have less carbon pollution. This is about the green agenda making you afraid.

FAULKNER: You really think that?

DUFFY: 100%, Because listen, look at Europe, they're trying to limit people to one, no, one short-haul flight every three years.