Palin sure says “I” and “me” a lot

It's almost like she's still in campaign mode, dontcha think, Fox News?

If Murdoch's minions, picking up a favorite right-wing meme, are going to spend the month of Februrary documenting how many times Obama says “I” and “me” (read: narcissist much?), then I suppose turn about is fair play. And boy, Sarah Palin sure packed a lot of “I's” and “me's” into her weekend appearance at the Tea Party convention.

Here, from just a partial transcript from the Tea Party event, or some of her me-centric phrases:

“I'm so proud"

“I guess down here”

“I believe”

“I look forward”

“I want to start off”

“I think that's good”

“I hope”

“I caution”

“Let me say”

“I just say”

“That scares me”

“I ask”

“I think you would agree with me”

Do politicians say “I” and “me” a lot? Yes. Is it foolish and juvenile to try to read too much into that, and to try to divine truths from that verbal tic? Yes. Which, of course, is why Fox News is spending the entire month of February doing just that.