Complaining About “Obvious” Media Bias, Palin Has Trouble Finding Any

Turning to Facebook to flesh out her thoughts about “the never-ending issue of media bias” and how she told Fox News she was going to back away from her usual role is chief complainer about the “Lamestream Media,” Sarah Palin pivoted off the assumption that the the press corps is biased and always has been [emphasis added]:

The media has always been biased. Conservatives – and especially conservative women – have always been held to a different standard and attacked. This is nothing new. Lincoln was mocked and ridiculed.

This is kind of weird. In a debate about the modern-day press corps and how it holds conservatives, and especially conservative women, to a different standard, Palin points to the fact that 150 years ago the president during America's Civil War was “mocked and ridiculed” in the press.

Yes, and....? I mean, what's her point? During the Great Depression Franklin Roosevelt was mocked and ridiculed in the press. In fact, there's never been a U.S. president who wasn't “mocked and ridiculed” in the press. (Turn on Fox News if you doubt Obama is today “mocked and ridiculed” in the press.)

So the burden is still on Palin to prove the liberal media's nasty double standard. She offered up just two historical examples to buttress her claim. Lincoln was the first. This was the second:

Reagan was called an amiable dunce, a dangerous warmonger, a rightwing fanatic, and the insult list goes on and on. (But somehow Reagan still managed to win two major electoral landslides, and this was in the days before the internet and talk radio when all he had were three biased network news channels spinning reports on him. If he could do so much with so little and still be such an optimistic and positive leader, then surely we can succeed with the new media tools at our disposal.)

Here, Palin torpedoes her own argument about the supposedly nasty press coverage Reagan had to endure. In one breath she claims Reagan was attacked mercilessly by the press (although Palin doesn't bother with any specific examples.) Then she notes, gee Reagan was still able to win landslide elections.

How was that possible? Three words: On Bended Knee. (Palin should read it some time.)

As we've been noting in the wake of the NPR controversy, the GOP Noise Machine remains wholly committed to its never-ending cry of liberal media bias. The problem is they've become so lazy when making the claim that they rarely even try to back it up with tangible examples or proof.

On Facebook, Palin gave it a shot. But I'm sorry, pointing to press coverage from two centuries ago, as well as complaining about the often worshipful coverage Reagan received doesn't cut it.

It simply confirms that Palin, like lots of conservatives, can't make her case.