Fox News uses video of Times Square in a snowstorm to claim NYC is empty due to crime and COVID-19

Sandra Smith: “It is just empty. The streets are empty”

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Citation From the December 17, 2020, edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

CHARLES GASPARINO (FOX BUSINESS SENIOR CORRESPONDENT): Here's the thing, Sandra, there comes a point where New York City, the benefits of it as you know, which are the cultural aspects, the great restaurants, that they get outweighed by the cost of living there, of the crime that's going on right now in New York City, which is out of control. If you know anybody I mean, it's just off the charts. That's the dynamic that's going on right now.


GASPARINO: And on top of that you have a political class that doesn't seem to care, and there's no one waiting in the wings. There's no Rudy Giuliani waiting in the wings. Randy Levine, who is the president of the New York Yankees, wrote a great article about this in Empire State Magazine. Randy's not running for mayor, unfortunately. And that's the problem we have. We have Bill de Blasio. The best we have is Ray McGuire maybe, the former Citigroup executive? But the chances of him winning are slim to none, I think.

SMITH: And look, the pandemic is not over. It's still bad. And you look at these live pictures of New York and Charlie, as you know, it is just empty. The streets are empty.

GASPARINO: It's a ghost town. It's scary, it really is.