NY Post columnist and CNN contributor posts climate-denial tweet from QAnon conspiracy theorist

Salena Zito, a columnist at the New York Post as well as a CNN contributor, reposted a climate-denial Twitter thread from a writer who is involved in a notorious far-right conspiracy theory.

Zito began as a local Pittsburgh Tribune-Review columnist and since the 2016 election has further built her career upon the rise of Donald Trump. (At the same time, she has faced allegations of plagiarism.)

On September 19, Zito retweeted Martin Geddes, whose Twitter profile identifies his affiliation with the QAnon conspiracy theory.

The “interesting thread” goes on to declare: “There are many crimes & crises that are going to bury the progressive left over the next few years, but the one that will be their epitaph is Global Warming (aka ‘Climate Change’).”

Geddes describes himself as a “digital soldier,” and his profile includes a link to a piece he wrote that he describes as a “QAnon article that Medium censored.”

The QAnon conspiracy theory is based around an anonymous user on the far-right internet forum 8chan who signs cryptic posts as “Q.” The user claims to be a high-level member of the federal government, and dedicated believers look in these posts for clues about an alleged master plan by President Donald Trump to take down his “deep state” opponents and pedophilia rings supposedly linked to celebrities and politicians.

As for Geddes’ accusation that global warming is “a political construct,” backed up by “people with PhDs (whose entire livelihood depends on agreeing with this)” -- wouldn’t it make more sense to think that the fossil fuel companies would pay more money for a science-on-demand racket, rather than university administrations?