Jenna Ellis defends Colorado GOP chairman who encouraged burning Pride flags: “The Republican party on a national scale is failing”

Dave Williams: “If I get kicked out of politics over this fight, so be it.”

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Citation From the June 10, 2024, edition of Salem News Channel's Jenna Ellis Tonight

JENNA ELLIS (HOST): While the national Republican Party has largely embraced the LGBTQ agenda because they say they want to create a quote, unquote, "big tent," there still remains committed conservative Christians who are rejecting Pride Month because, let's face it, we should as conservatives. So, of course, that outrages the leftist and this article coming from The Hill with the headline saying, "Colorado GOP calls for burning of pride flags." "Colorado's Republican party this week called for LGBTQ pride flags to be burned describing, LGBTQ Americans as, quote, 'godless groomers' in a fundraising email and multiple social media posts railing against Pride Month." Obviously, The Hill has an agenda.

Quote, "The month of June has arrived, and once again, the godless groomers in our society want to attack what is decent, holy, and righteous so they can ultimately harm our children," reads the email. The party's message, which includes a link to a sermon led by Mark Driscoll, an evangelical pastor known for his anti-LGBTQ views —" or, I would say pro-Christian views, "— is signed by state Republican party chair, Dave Williams, who is also a candidate for congress."

Representative Williams also spoke very strongly about his Christian faith and had this message to say at a GOP congressional debate. Listen to this:

PRE-RECORDED VIDEO OF DAVE WILLIAMS (R-COLORADO): Again, I do not care what some pride organizers think about what we're doing. What I care about is protecting our children, what I care about is advancing biblical principles, and what I care about is what the Lord has to say. If that cost me this election, if that cost me everything, so be it.

Because [inaudible]. I don't know about Jeff, I'm not looking at June of 2024, I'm looking for eternity. That's where I'm headed. And if I do everything right and I get crucified for it, so be it. Because I'm not greater than my master, Jesus Christ.

ELLIS: A lot of strong applause there. Well, representative David Williams joins me now. And, Dave, I have to say I commend you strongly for standing up so firmly for what should be a position of the entire Republican Party. Why is it that there are so few Republicans that, in 2024, are unwilling to take this very clear stand against an evil agenda?

WILLIAMS: Because, ultimately, I think they're afraid of the press, the pundits, the cultural elites in this country. They care more about the opinions of man than they do of God, that's what it comes down to.

Look, I I don't mind working with anyone in the LGBTQ community to limit government, lower taxes, secure the border, protect the unborn, like, if those are things that you wanna be a part of? I don't care who we are or what you identify as, come help us do that.

But what we're talking about right now is a Pride Month that has devolved into an absolute, circus and agenda that has, you know, very clear goals, which is to groom children and to encourage them into confusion so that they switch their genders, which they really can't. But that involves chemical castration and general mutilation, and that's something we should be standing up against. That should be the easiest thing we can stand up against.

If you can't stand up to folks that want to harm your children, then you have no business being in politics to begin with. So get out.

ELLIS: Yeah, so well said. And I think you're very right to point out that we can collaborate with people even that we disagree with. I mean, even, you know, feminists and Democrats and, you know, others would agree on some issues that we also stand for, but that doesn't mean that we need to embrace their ideology or their platforms and make it our own just to get their vote. And so, by standing firm for what conservatives and what the Republican party should be, all about makes sense.

And you're absolutely right as well that this should be the easiest thing to stand up for. And in Colorado, which is my former home state, I mean, I've known you for close to a decade probably. And and when you were in the House legislature, you always stood firm on issues that were advancing religious freedom, advancing the truth, advancing pro-life, in the state legislature.

And in Colorado, now that it's fully Democrat controlled, at least statewide, they're advancing such ridiculous things like being able to change the gender on one's birth certificate that have, serious ramifications beyond what the rainbow mafia would like to suggest as, you know, just identity. But it actually has real world clash when you look at things like the 303 Creative case, the Masterpiece case, when the the Democrats are trying to say, well, "you're just bigoted if you won't embrace all of this."

And yet the Republican Party seems to just not only ignore this, but they're failing to stand firm, yet we're trying to still be the party of conservative values. I don't see that persisting, into 2024 and beyond.

WILLIAMS: Yeah. I couldn't tell you why we're not talking about this, because when we talk about it, we actually win. When you have people like Joe Rogan, who's not a conservative, agreeing that we shouldn't be indoctrinating children or letting them engage in life altering procedures, I think we have a winning message.

When you have people like Bill Maher, for God's sake, that guy is a Democrat, who is against very much what's being pushed on children and and the over sexualization or not even — just sexualization children, through these activities and behaviors within Pride Month, I think that's, you know, a signal to us that maybe we should be talking to that very issue to swing voters and even Democrats who are just wanting some normalcy.

I mean, it's again, it should not be a controversy that we wanna make sure that kids are learning about reading, writing, and arithmetic, not gender studies from some woke activists in a classroom.

ELLIS: Yeah. And that should be the easiest thing to stand up for, and yet, the Republican party on a national scale is failing, and we're taking seriously all of these ridiculous names that I'm sure you get called every day as well and especially in light of this email.

But, you also sent a another email just today that reinforced that you're not going to apologize. And so what kind of — I mean, we understand the backlash from the leftists — but what kind of pushback, if any, have you gotten from internally, the Colorado GOP? Or have most of those members been as loudly applauding you as they did at the debate?

WILLIAMS: I mean, there are a ton of folks, who are in the base of our party, that just want good conservative biblical principles advanced in government and politics, especially for the party. But we also have, weak Republicans, mainly establishment types or moderates that want me to resign. They're calling for my resignation. They're even seeking to try and remove me from my position.

And as I said at the debate, I'll say here, I don't care. If I get kicked out of politics over this fight, so be it. I think this is the right fight, the right hill to die on. And you know what? I'll go hang out with my family and go raise them, and we'll go do something else. But if no one steps up and stands against this evil, then we're gonna definitely lose this fight.

And that's the crazy thing, is that we don't have to. People are with us. And if we just are bold enough and we have the courage of our conviction, then we're gonna win.

ELLIS: Yeah. Well, like I said at the top, I mean, I commend you for standing so strongly. And I wish that every conservative would have that same outlook that if we lose, it's because we've lost the culture and politics is downstream from a culture, but we still need to stand firm regardless. And you're right. I mean, politics isn't the only thing that people can do.

I mean, I've stood up for truth as well. And, you know, now I'm doing media and it's actually I'm actually a lot happier than when I was in politics. So, you know, there's that. But in terms of your congressional campaign, if you are elected from Colorado to go to Congress, then how are you going to take this message and fight for the truth in Congress? And we only have about a minute left.

WILLIAMS: Well, I mean, there's a lot that we can do. I was endorsed by the American Principles Project, they're working on a on a whole host of policy solutions that start to tackle this issue.

I think one of the things that we really do need to tackle is the proliferation of pornography, especially as it relates to human trafficking and, trying to make sure that minors, have, no access to that and, doing what we can on that level. Because that's a part of this fight.

It's not just what you're seeing in Pride. There's so many other things that are connected to this that harm children, and I'm proud to work with them and other conservatives to make sure that we're protecting kids and protecting them especially from this kind of smut.