One of the most disgraceful hours in Fox News history

And that's saying something

trump ingraham invasion 2/23/22

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Late in the night on February 23, nearly an hour after a video of Russian leader Vladimir Putin aired announcing officially that a Russian military “action” would take place, the Ukrainian ambassador to the United Nations, Sergiy Kyslytsya, addressed an emergency session of the Security Council, confronting the Russian representative repeatedly about Putin’s speech and pushing everyone present to stop the invasion. At one point, Kyslytsya even said they could pause the meeting so the Russian representative could call Moscow and get updated talking points, since the war had started during the meeting.

It was an incredibly dramatic speech in English during prime time hours with an extraordinary confrontation and stakes as high as they get.

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Citation From the February 23, 2022, meeting of the UN Security Council as streamed by The Washington Post

It was also a moment that Fox News viewers missed. The network skipped over most of the speech to instead let host Laura Ingraham gab with former President Donald Trump – fresh off praising Putin’s moves – about trivial nonsense in the face of what is likely to be a very deadly war.

That wasn’t all.

Ingraham also used the hour to mock Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for what she called a “pathetic” display giving a speech urging peace between Ukraine and Russia. She also linked the Mueller investigation to the invasion. This is in addition to all of Tucker Carlson’s well-documented and ongoing propaganda about Russia and Putin.

Fox is so busy trying to blame President Joe Biden for the war and its consequences that they’re skipping right over telling their audience how said war is happening.

Fox cannot be trusted with the news. In just the recent past, we’ve seen the network embrace COVID/vaccine lies, election lies, and now propaganda in the place of covering war.

Even worse, we’re all paying for this – literally. Fox is overwhelmingly funded by cable subscription fees paid by millions of Americans who never watch Fox. And while cable companies can, for now, foist that cost on the American people, they can at least spare us the bullshit of putting Fox in their news category. That’s perhaps the biggest lie of them all.