OAN calls Russian bombing of maternity ward in Mariupol, Ukraine a “false flag operation”

OAN's Pearson Sharp: “It would be a lot more convincing if Zelensky didn't have George Soros's hand up his back, moving his mouth”

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Citation From the March 11, 2022, edition of OAN's One America News 

PEARSON SHARP (CORRESPONDENT): The United States has a long, storied history of conducting false flag operations in pursuit of its own political agenda and whether it's starting a war, invading another country, or finding an excuse to sneak out hundreds of tons of gold bullion from a toppled Libyan dictator. The corrupt corporate media lapdogs will gladly offer up a cover story for any false flag operation Washington needs; the invasion of Iraq, for totally fabricated weapons of mass destruction, comes to mind. And then as I personally investigated and exposed, there was the false flag gas attacks in Syria to frame President Bashar al-Assad as a mass-murdering tyrant just because he wouldn't give in to U.S. demands. But also, of course, because Washington's terrorist allies from the Islamic State needed a chance to escape.

That brings us to today, when it looks like we have the makings of yet another false flag operation. This time in the far-flung land of Ukraine, where Biden and his cronies are desperately trying to cook up more conflict to distract from their monumental failures here in America, not to mention cover up their top-secret and illegal bio-labs developing deadly weapons that the State Department insisted didn't exist until they came out and admitted a day later that the labs do in fact exist.

So what's the most recent story cooked up by the American Pravda? Well, it turns out that the Russians, Democrats' favorite adversary, blew up a hospital, killing several people, including a child. The latest report from the corporate media warhawks is that a maternity ward in Mariupol, Ukraine, was bombed indiscriminately, which has naturally sparked a global outrage.


SHARP: It's quite the rousing speech from Ukraine's president, and it sounds pretty damning towards Russia. But it would be a lot more convincing if Zelensky didn't have George Soros' hand up his back, moving his mouth. Still, we have to take these accusations seriously because at the end of the day, we don't know. We don't know conclusively what's happening there, so it's perilous from a journalistic standpoint to rush to conclusions.

We already have several prominent examples of stories out of Ukraine, which the media blasted everywhere and demanded that we believe, but were then proven totally false. Ukrainian soldiers on Snake Island, for instance, who all died valiantly fighting the Russians, but then they actually didn't die and were all alive and just surrendered. Or the famous ghost of Kyiv, the heroic Ukrainian fighter pilot who shot down half a dozen Russian MiGs defending Ukraine. Except actually, he doesn't exist, and the footage was just from a video game. Even Zelenskiy's famous quote, "I need ammo, not a ride" is questionable at best. Despite being cited by hundreds of articles, the only evidence Zelensky said that is one unnamed U.S. official. Not even Zelensky's office will confirm that he said it. Yet again, the media all insisted that we believe these stories as fact until they turned out not to be fact.

It's the same story with the hospital in Mariupol. There are numerous reports of the hospital was actually abandoned, that there were no patients inside. That's because, and this is according to locals and even hospital staff, the hospital was actually cleared out weeks ago and was being used as a base of operations for the Ukrainian military. In fact, the son of a hospital employee said at the end of February, the Ukrainian military dispersed the hospital staff and set up firing points inside the building, a point which Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov repeated when grilled by an uppity journalist from CNBC.


SHARP: Well, that's certainly interesting. And when we have clear examples of our own leaders lying to us just days ago, then we have no choice but to consider alternate sources of information. Let's hear what the Russian envoy to the UN had to say.  


SHARP: Even if that's not true, it's worth investigating. How many times has Washington and the corporate media scrambled to promote a specific narrative, only to be proven totally, catastrophically wrong? We know the terrorists in the Syrian White Helmets staged attacks, dressed people up, bribed children to pretend to be injured. These are documented facts. Flashback to the city of Douma. When the Russian investigative team said there was no evidence of a chemical attack, that it was a false flag operation carried out to justify U.S. attacks on Syria. Turns out Russia was right. There was no chemical attack. It was a false flag. And by the way, those weapons inspectors were found to be covering up information and lying about their reports. Now we're being warned of weapons of mass destruction again, and White House bobblehead Jen Psaki even claimed Russia might use biological weapons in Ukraine. Yeah, maybe if the ones we left behind in our own secret labs get out. We're not saying we know what happened there or that this was a false flag. But if you can get off the carousel of inflammatory propaganda for just one moment, you have to admit that this does sound awfully familiar and seems to fit a pattern that we've all seen many times before. 

I mean, they swore up and down, John Kirby said that It was a bunch of malarkey that the US had bioweapons labs in Ukraine and then oops, turns out they do have bioweapons and it was all a lie.Maybe because Hunter Biden's firm, Rosemont Seneca, was providing the capital for the firms, which helped establish the bio-labs in Ukraine. 

Think, just think, try thinking for yourself instead of thinking whatever you're told to think by people and organizations whose only legacy is obfuscation and deception. Today, John Kirby says X, Y, and Z, and the media parrots X, Y, and Z. It used to be a hallmark of good journalism to ask questions to wait before definitively telling people what happened and how they should feel about it. The news has just become another branch of the US government. You want to invade a country? Tell CNN that country is bad and boom, you've got your justification. We don't know for certain this story is true, but until we do, it might be prudent to reserve judgment and save our righteous condemnation for something we do know is true. Like what Biden is doing to our own country.

Perhaps war crimes are being committed, perhaps civilians are being murdered, but perhaps they aren't. So before you rush to conclusions and believe whatever the TV and social media tells you, think.