Matt Schlapp links Russia invasion of Ukraine to the U.S. military requiring COVID vaccinations

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Citation From the February 24, 2021, edition of War Room: Pandemic

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Put Ukraine into context of your book, your thesis of the book, and also your underlying theme at CPAC this year, Matt Schlapp.

MATT SCHLAPP (CHAIRMAN, AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE UNION): Well, you know the thesis of the book came from basically my heart being broken, all of our hearts are being broken with the fact that our institutions, which we fund with our donations and our taxpayer money, is teaching our kids to hate America, to think our founders were racists, to think that the whole idea of America is like a criminal operation, corrupt. And it needs to end or as Barack Obama said, transform it. And part of the reason why they want to destroy America is because they have this global idea of reordering things. And it sounded conspiratorial years ago to say this, but it's all bearing fruit.

They don't believe in this whole idea of individual rights and they don't believe in America. And the problem is, is all freedom lovers around the globe, Steve, you know this, are relying on America. And now this is a moment of truth. What does America stand for? What is America's foreign policy and we have a commander in chief who is clearly senile, addled, not up to the job. We have sent so many confusing messages. Just think about this alone. And I know you know this with your daughter. But the idea that we have been kicking people out of the Marine Corps for not taking a vaccine at the – and we're having General Milley and others saying our number one goal is to combat climate change and to end white rage. If you're Vladimir Putin or you're Xi, you can hear that. You know what that message is. That message is we're not focused on our national security or keeping order around the globe. We're focused on some kind of a community kumbaya project and it's very dangerous and these are the consequences.

BANNON: You kick off CPAC pack today, you know, traditionally the most important of all the conservative conferences, kind of kicks off, you're now in kicking off into an election year, where we're talking about the possibility of actually ending, destroying the Democratic Party as we know it, as an institution if we can pull it together. Well, how does the theme "awake not woke" fit into what's going on geopolitically today and about this upcoming campaign season.

SCHLAPP: Well, I think a lot of Republicans like to talk about capital gains tax cuts and the economy and deficit spending and all those things are really important, but they're missing the boat. What's going on here is a big shift in the country. You know, if you're Democrat and you're – have a family member who dons a uniform, whether it's the military or maybe you have a cousin who's a cop – you don't appreciate this rhetoric of blind loyalty and embracing Black Lives Matter, riots and violence, and assassinated cops. That old Democratic Party that had working men and women as a part of the coalition, the most important part of the coalition. People of faith, you know, religious sisters and priests a part of that too. They've abandoned all of that. So what I see here is a great opportunity for us to grab a whole bunch of new people and put it as a part of this coalition. Now that would – that coalition would be much less Republican than it ever was. It'll be much more diverse ideologically. It'll be diverse even on questions like what should we do with our power and might overseas. But I'm comfortable with that because I think that's where we have to go. That's why we've invited Tulsi Gabbard. I probably disagree with Tulsi Gabbard on a whole bunch of issues. But you know what? She's not woke. And she's taking on woke. And there's a lot of Democrats who feel like this new socialist bent in their party is destroying their party. So I agree with you. This is a moment we can crush them. And we gotta act now.


SCHLAPP: The American people are nervous and afraid and worried about the future. And we realize that we have to have faith guide us and we rely on our faith more than ever, and we are appalled at this attempt to desecrate our founders. As a matter of fact, Steve, I voraciously buy every article about our founders I possibly can as it becomes – as they just get kicked out of churches, they get kicked out of schools, all these paintings and statues, and everything else. We've got to reclaim all these things and we got to move them all to red dates and proudly proclaim them and be proud of our history and be proud of what we stand for and stop being silent. That is the number one thing we must stop doing. Stop being shamed. Stop being silenced.


SCHLAPP: I think Ukraine is going to be talked about constantly from the stage. We have all the biggies in foreign policy. We have Ric Grenell, we've got Ambassador O'Brien who was Trump's national security adviser, we have Mike Pompeo, we have Gordon Chang, we have K.T. McFarland. We just have a who's who of people. And I think, look, this audience is gonna listen and they're going to leave this conference being much more educated about what is America's interest in the Biden foreign policy because it's oftentimes hard to find.