Fox anchor suggests US can't live up to NATO obligations against Russian aggression: “​Look ​at ​how we've handled our own border​ south"

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Citation From the February 24, 2022, edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

HARRIS FAULKNER (CO-HOST): I don't know how much we can shrink that map a little bit so that we can see the NATO nations around, but I think it's interesting that through our relationships — thank you — with NATO countries, we're going to be tasked potentially with helping them secure their borders.


​FAULKNER: Yeah.​ And that would bring up our obligation​. And ​​​look ​at ​how we've handled our own border south​.


FAULKNER: And ​I'm not trying to compare​ —​ ​well would there be​, you know,​ spillover.​ ​Look, those people trying to get out of Kyiv right now, ​those ​hundreds of thousands of people — they ​got to go somewhere, maybe Poland. We have troops there that​ we've sent — ​those 3,000. ​But I mean, really and truly we​'​re going to have to be up against those borders​,​ I would imagine​,​ to help them out if Russia gets really hungry. ​

HEMMER: There's an article in ​NATO that says​, you know, attack on one is attack on all. 


HEMMER: And the United States was defended that way after September 11. ​That was when the article was invoked.​