Dr. Steven Hatfill pours cold water on Steve Bannon's conspiracy theories about Ukraine and biolabs

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Citation From the March 11, 2022, edition of War Room: Pandemic

DR. STEVEN HATFILL (GUEST): What should be done is that these type culture collections that all these places have, samples that they've collected over the years from various outbreaks and things, these actually should be removed and protected. Nobody's mentioning that the only people that have a biological weapons program are the Russians. And they have the superior, very superior biological weapons program. Very advanced.

STEPHEN BANNON (HOST): Hold on, hold on, Dr. Hatfill, Dr. Hatfill, Dr. Hatfill. That's just categorically wrong. The Chinese Communist Party, the PLA, has a very advanced biological weapons program, sir. So you're just dead wrong in that. It's not the Russians, you're – on that fact –

HATFILL: That the Russians don't have a biological weapons program?

BANNON: I didn't say – I didn't say that, sir. You said there's only person in the world – only group in the world has their biological weapons programs is the Russians. That's just factually incorrect. The Chinese Communist Party, the PLA.

HATFILL: No, I said advanced.

BANNON: OK, fine. You – you're saying the Russians have more advanced than the PLA's biological weapons program?

HATFILL: Yes, they've been at it for longer.


HATFILL: We're jumping around all over the place here on this interview.


HATFILL: And it's hard to make a point here.

BANNON: Go ahead and make your point.

HATFILL: Russia's the one with a biological weapons program in this area. They have a very good program, a very sophisticated program. Thirty years ago, they took out part of their own city with an accident, a laboratory mistake at a military production facility, [unintelligible] – the name of this place has changed now. So, they were putting this stuff on intercontinental ballistic missile warheads. All right? That's pretty advanced. And they're not going to throw those weapons away when you've got 1.2 screaming Chinese on your border. OK? They won't let some of our people in there. They never let some of our people into some places. So I don't want to hear about an agricultural research station or a public health facility that basically, probably has the same capability as what's in the town I live in maligned because some journalist thinks it will sell newspapers or something. Or Marco Rubio doesn't know enough about the situation to ask a logical, direct question.