Williams Invokes “Slavery” and the “Nazi Persecution of the Jews” To Ask a “Moral Question” About the Social Safety Net

Filling in for Rush, who is out of the studio for his fourth wedding, guest host Walter E. Williams repeated many of the same conservative policy arguments and smears against progressives that one can expect from The Rush Limbaugh Show, and from Williams' previous guest-hosting stints as well. Digging up a tired and dubious claim, Williams opened the show with a long condemnation the the New Deal, accusing FDR of prolonging the Great Depression for seven years with his policies. Williams, of course, suggested that this was evidence that President Obama might be extending the current recession with his programs. Other conservative media figures have made similar claims, but they supported their assertions by cherry-picking 1930s unemployment figures.

Throughout the show, Williams said that America's tax and public assistance programs have made us “a nation of thieves” and that if private citizens acted the way the government does they would be thrown in jail for robbery and theft. Hypothetical rhetoric aside, Williams took the argument a step further, commenting that “for moral people, legality alone cannot be our guide.” He continued: “That is, many things in this world were, or are, legal but clearly immoral. That is, slavery was legal but did that make it moral? The Nazi persecution of the Jews, that was legal, but did it make it moral? See the moral question that we have to ask ourselves is, what is the moral case for taking the property of one person and giving it to another to whom it does not belong.”

A few other outrageous highlights: Williams again proposed that wealthy taxpayers should receive additional votes in elections; he stated that the earthquake in Haiti was exacerbated by a lack of private property rights; and he revived the smear that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were “buying off votes” for health care reform.

Highlights from today's show:

Rush sub Williams likens the “moral question” of public assistance to “slavery” and the “Nazi persecution of the Jews”

Limbaugh fill-in Williams advocates for additional votes for wealthier taxpayers

Rush fill-in Williams revives smear that Dems were “buying off votes” for health care reform

Rush sub Williams links earthquake fatalities in Haiti to lack of private property rights