Will Krauthammer hand himself, Limbaugh and others “Politically Stupid” award for defending BP?

As Mediaite's Frances Martel noted today, Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer gave Rep. Joe Barton's apology to BP the “Most Politically Stupid Statement of the Year” award, saying:

I think that wins the award for the Most Politically Stupid Statement of the Year and we can retire it right now, in June. It's actually astonishing. The guy apologized and then he apologizes for his apology in one day. I think that's the world indoor record for that. Look, you don't express sympathy for a corporation that is sort of soiled and destroyed, and that is destroying the Gulf Coast.


I wonder if Krauthammer is planning a full-blown awards show, perhaps on the low-rated Fox Business Network, for the large number of media conservative like Rush Limbaugh and ummm himself who have come to BP's defense?

Here's a line-up he could start with though the list will likely grow in the days and weeks to come:

  • Krauthammer compared the BP hearings to “Inca ritual slaughter.”
  • Limbaugh: BP hearings are a “show trial. ... This is what happened in Stalinist Russia.”
  • Bill Kristol says he is “open-minded to the notion that BP is being persecuted.”
  • Michael Savage said, “The Democrats have held a Stalinist show trial against BP. ... They're very, very clever devils indeed.”
  • Mark Levin claimed “Soviet-style spectacle” of BP hearings is part of “a huge cover-up.”
  • Erick Erickson wrote, “Only thing separating” BP hearing from “Soviet show trial” is that Hayward “walked out without any lead in him.”
  • Glenn Beck compared BP hearings to McCarthy hearings, feeding Christians to lions and said "[W]e've got Salem witch trials going on in Washington, D.C." and that lawmakers in BP hearing “will be held in front of an eternal judge” and “will be praying” for “the mercy of Guantánamo.”
  • Douglas Urbanski said, “Rush was accurate” in calling hearings “Soviet-style public trial. ... It was horrible to watch.”
  • Stuart Varney said he federal government has “demonized” and “looted” BP
  • Fred Barnes' gave advice to Obama, telling him to “Stop demonizing BP.”
  • Newsmax's Ronald Kessler wrote that Obama has “confused the good guys with the bad guys by demonizing BP.”
  • Jonathan Hoenig said the Congressional hearings are “about humiliating CEOs and demonizing big oil.”
  • Sarah Palin said "[W]e can't afford to demonize" BP.
  • Monica Crowley said "[T]his is his default position: demonize BP."