Why is Byron York silent about Limbaugh and Beck calling Obama a Nazi?

It's interesting because during the Bush years, York was out front at the tsk-tsking National Review writing repeatedly about (somewhat obscure) liberals calling Bush a Nazi and likening him to Hitler. At the deeply offended National Review, the mere mention of Nazi references was appalling and beyond the pale and simply confirmed how nuts and irresponsible and unhinged and hateful liberals were.

And yet today it's pretty much crickets at National Review, and from York who's now at the right-wing Washington Examiner, despite the fact that both Beck and Limbaugh, perhaps the two highest-profile conservatives in America, jumped into the Nazi cesspool this week.

Two questions. Do double standards come any more pronounced? And is there any intellectual atrocity that Limbaugh and Beck commit that conservatives like York won't turn away from?

Oops, three questions: Does the conservative movement now cede the high and low ground to AM talk shows hosts?

I thought so.