Why are RW pundits suddenly silent about NJ Gov. Christie? Or, paging Rush Limbaugh

You'll recall that through the spring and summer Republican Gov. Chris Christie emerged as something of a right-wing folk hero, with admirers such as Rush Limbaugh proclaiming him to be the future of the GOP/conservative movement, while others fantasized about a possible Christie WH run.

Rush: "He is one of the few leaders in America who is willing to follow the will of the people."

Why the crush? Because the new NJ governor speaks his mind! He is blunt! He belittles the press! He cuts spending! And he articulates a Reagan-esque, get-the-government-out-of-your-life approach to leadership!

Yeah well, you can scratch that last part [emphasis added]:

Gov. Chris Christie will announce plans for an unprecedented overhaul of New Jersey's troubled gaming industry Wednesday — including a complete takeover of the Atlantic City casino and entertainment district, and the sell-off or shutdown of the struggling Meadowlands Racetrack.

The Atlantic City takeover removes virtually all local control from the gaming district, from police protection to garbage pickup.

That's right, small-government, Rush Limbaugh idol Chris Christie wants the state government to run one of the largest cities in New Jersey. To “virtually” control all aspects of municipal life, and even grab control of the casinos.

Can you imagine and nationwide Freak Out that would be occurring right now if a Democrat announced he wanted the government to come in and take control of an American city today, and even some of its businesses? Can you imagine the hysterical proclamations Glenn Beck would be making about how America was sliding into its final descent into socialism?

Yet a prominent Republican decides to throw government at an epic problem and decides that state bureaucrats should be put in charge of running privates business, not to mention picking up trash and chasing bad guys, and the silence from the GOP Noise Machine remains deafening.

What's the matter Rush, did you suddenly forget who Chris Christie is?