White House continues to avoid comment on controversial Limbaugh remarks

Following White House press secretary Scott McClellan's refusal on May 6 to repudiate radio host Rush Limbaugh's comments regarding the abuse of prisoners in Iraq, McClellan was asked on May 11 by a reporter whether he thought Vice President Dick Cheney would appear as a guest on The Rush Limbaugh Show again. McClellan refused to comment:

QUESTION: Do you think the vice president will do the Rush Limbaugh show again, given his almost embrace of these photos?

MCCLELLAN: You can ask the -- ask those questions to the vice president's office. They have a -- they have a press office.

On March 22, Cheney was a guest on Limbaugh's radio show. In 1992, Limbaugh was an overnight guest in the White House of then-President George H.W. Bush.