Trump Phones Into Rush Limbaugh To Whine About The “Very Evil” Press

Donald Trump: “They Are Bad People And Nobody, Nobody Lies Like They Do”

From the October 25 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): There’s not one thing going wrong in this country that they can blame you for, and yet they’re trying to tell everybody that you’re the one not qualified, that you’re the one not fit. What has this been like for you, personally? I mean, you’re a winner. You’re somebody who has won at everything that you’ve done and these kinds of -- I don’t think people understand the impact on a family or even an individual when the kitchen sink is thrown at them, as it has been thrown at you.

DONALD TRUMP: Well, they’ve been vicious. The New York Times, they lie, they lie like I’ve never seen anything. They know they’re lying. One of these guys wrote a story -- Rutenberg, Jim Rutenberg -- a story, literally they’ll do whatever they have to, practically insinuated they’ll tell and they’ll say whatever they have to say. These are vicious people. These are lying people. And fortunately, I can defend myself. What do people do that can’t defend themselves? 


These are bad people, Rush, and I mean you’ve dealt with them for a long time, but they’re bad, they're bad and very evil people. 


They are evil people -- the press, the media -- they are bad people and nobody, nobody lies like they do.


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