“Summer of rage”: Obama Derangement Syndrome grips conservative media once again

In recent weeks, conservative media have been consumed by “Obama Derangement Syndrome,” accusing President Obama of being insane, of colluding with Russian spies, of trying to create a civil war and implement one world government, among other things, while also claiming that his administration is trying to control everything under the sun, including the Internet and, inexplicably, your toilet.

Conservative media ratchet up anti-government speech

On the June 10 edition of his Fox News show, Glenn Beck turned to his blackboard, on which he had outlined his theory that “the politicians [had] joined with the revolutionaries so they could gain power,” and said that now is the “time to break apart” that conspiracy. He then warned his viewers that the “summer of rage is about to begin.” Other conservative media figures, including Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Jay Severin, and Pam Geller, have similarly elevated their anti-government rhetoric to new heights, not only spewing baseless facts and utter falsehoods, but alluding to violent revolution and civil war, all to attack and undermine the Obama administration and progressives.

Media Matters previously documented the violent, doomsday, and anti-intellectual rhetoric that had arisen in the conservative media just a few months after Obama was sworn in as president, in which conservative media figures appealed overtly, just as today, to feelings of anger and paranoia in their audience. At the time, David Horowitz dubbed this particular “hysteria” the “Obama Derangement Syndrome.”

Conservative media: Obama is “trying to create a civil war”

Conservative media figures have been warning of the coming “rivers of blood” and that Obama is pushing America toward civil war.

Geller: Obama “is itching for a civil war. And at the rate he is going, he is going to get one”

Beck still beating war drums: “I think we're headed for a civil war”

Beck suggests Obama is “trying to destroy the country” and is pushing America toward civil war

Limbaugh on LA's Arizona boycott: “This is the kind of stuff that starts civil wars folks; this is not coincidental”

Savage: “I almost feel as though Obama's trying to create a civil war in America for his own reasons”

“You need to riot”: Right-wing uses violent rhetoric

Conservative media: Obama is undermining U.S., wants to cut it “down to size” and destroy it

Conservative media figures have accused Obama of trying to destabilize and destroy the United States, as well as its economy and social systems.

Limbaugh distorts Obama's remarks to accuse him of wanting to cut U.S. “down to size”

Limbaugh: Obama “thinks the problem with this country has been too much liberty”

Pushing falsehoods about oil spill, Quinn declares: “Barack Obama was sent here to destroy America”

Quinn: “Yes,” Obama is “trying to destroy the country”

Limbaugh: Freedom evaporating “right in front of our eyes,” Obama “loves punishing this country”

Savage sub Kuhner: Obama “is a dictator,” wants to “destroy corporate America and create a green socialist utopia”

Conservative media discuss Obama's mental state

Much like conservative media figures did months ago when they discussed Obama's mental state, alleging that “something is not right” and that Obama has “deep psychological problems” and “deep-seated inferiority feelings,” they have once again turned to psychoanalyzing Obama.

War Room fill-in Glen Meakem cites Krauthammer to say Obama is “a clinically diagnosable narcissist”

Savage compares Obama to allegedly insane King Ludwig II of Bavaria

Conservative media: Obama may be a Russian spy, in collusion with Russians

Since the FBI arrested 11 people it suspects of being Russian undercover spies, conservative media have speculated that Obama is “one of them” and have asked why the Russians “have to spy on us” considering “Obama will tell them anything they want to know.” Limbaugh has also said Obama “wants to expand” the rights of Russian spies.

Severin: “If it comes out that Barack Obama is” a Russian spy, “I will have been right”

Limbaugh: “Why do they [Russians] have to spy on us? Obama will tell them anything they want to know”

Limbaugh: Obama “wants to create an illegal alien bill of rights,” “always wants to expand” rights of terrorists, spies

Conservative media: Obama wants the disaster in the Gulf to push through agenda

Conservative media figures have pushed falsehoods and wild allegations in claiming that Obama is intentionally prolonging the crisis in the Gulf, in order to, among other things, push his cap and trade agenda and “shut down” offshore drilling.

Savage on his “wild allegations”: “Haven't you watched enough movies to understand how this works?”

Levin repeats Jones Act & foreign aid myths, says Obama would better respond to disaster in blue states

Beck conspiracy theory: Obama waited 71 days to accept intl. help with oil spill in order to pass cap and trade

Beck: “It's almost like we're intentionally making things much, much worse” in the Gulf of Mexico

Savage's “logical” analysis calls for investigating Obama to determine whether he “purposely did not help Louisiana”

Bolling wonders if Obama “let” oil rig leak so he “could renege on his promise” to “allow some offshore drilling”

Michael Brown on Fox News: Obama wanted oil spill so he could “shut down” offshore drilling

“Sabotage!” Right-wing media respond to oil spill by dreaming up conspiracy theories

Conservative media: Obama administration vying to control everything, including Internet, “your toilet”

Conservative media have been saying that the federal government is in the process of taking over everything -- from companies, to the Internet, to “your toilet,” and that it is trying to control not only the people but the information in an endless “power grab.”

Levin's bizzare rant: The “iron fist” of government “is in your toilet, it's in your light socket”

Beck suggests “internet kill switch” is communist because Chinese government has similar authority

Levin says government “would take us off the air in a second” -- “They're picking us off one industry at a time”

Beck falsely claims financial reform bill would let government shut down Fox News

Fox's Payne calls financial reform bill a “giant power grab”

Severin repeats falsehood that financial reform bill lets government “take over any business” that might hurt economy

Fox's Napolitano on conspiracy show: Government wants the same “power over the internet that the Chinese” have

Beck fears gov't “will need to control the people” because they'll be “hungry,” “frightened, and there will be civil unrest”

Beck falsely claims government will take control of Internet, tells listeners to “buy a short-wave radio”

Limbaugh claims Obama, Kagan, and Sunstein want “forced neutrality” to make sure you're reading their “garbage”

Sunstein Internet control falsehood migrates to Fox

Beck: “Stuff is being scrubbed” from the Internet “overnight”

Beck says the FCC is “marching forward” with net neutrality plans, suggests it's putting a “boot on your throat”

Beck on net neutrality: “This will control every aspect of the Internet ... We are losing our country”

Beck scares about net neutrality, says “please share that with your friends” “while you have access to the Internet”

Beck renews witch hunt: Sunstein has “more power than the Fed,” “will control your every move”

Conservative media: Obama is working toward one world government

Conservative media figures have been fomenting fear that Obama is pushing the United States toward a “new world order” and trying to institute a “global government” and a “single [world] currency.”

Limbaugh: Obama is “all for a single [world] currency”

Drudge links Greek debt story with “New World Order”

Without offering any evidence, Beck claims Clinton Global Initiative is about “global government”

Encouraging viewers to use their “imagination,” Beck links health care, “overspending,” and “global government”

Beck: “A new world order” and “global government” is “being cobbled together today”

Black helicopter alert! Conservative media suggest Obama supporting one-world government

Conservative media: Obama is a thug running a “thugocracy”

Conservative media figures have falsely claimed Obama's proposal for a BP escrow account amounts to “seizing private assets” and letting the administration “run the money” and have accused Obama of being a “thug” running a “thugocracy.”

Conservative media defend BP against “shakedowns,” “show trials,” and environmentalists at least 62 times

Limbaugh: The way Obama is dealing with BP is “far more than thugocracy,” it's “straight out of Communist Manifesto”

Stossel Repeats 'Shakedown' Claim Against Obama, Calls Him 'Thuggish'

Limbaugh: Hugo Chavez “is a thug, but unlike Mr. Obama, he's a patriotic thug”

Savage: If the country survives Obama, historians will say his was “the most terroristic regime in the history” of the U.S.

Fox lobs falsehoods to attack BP escrow account as “Chavez-like”

Limbaugh: Obama administration is “going after Toyota” through “thug politics”

Stossel says escrow fund is a “thuggish Chicago shakedown,” refers to “Vladimir Obama”

Limbaugh: “If I didn't know better, I would say that Hugo Chavez is actually running this country”