SPLC: Limbaugh Is “Way, Way, Way Out On The Fringe” Blaming Clinton And Reno For “Leftist” Violence In Waco

Earlier today, Rush Limbaugh blamed President Bill Clinton and former Attorney General Janet Reno for “leftist” violence for their role in Waco:

I was just gonna say that if you take a look at actual assassins, Lee Harvey Oswald -- leftist. Democrats were behind the storming of the Branch Davidian complex. Bill Clinton and Janet Reno.

In a statement provided to Media Matters, Heidi Beirich, director of research for the Southern Poverty Law Center, said that Limbaugh's comments are “completely idiotic,” a distortion of history, and completely out of bounds:

It's a gross distortion of the record. Limbaugh sounds like a crazed, anti-government conspiracy theorist who tries to lay at the foot of the government the Oklahoma City bombing. Limbaugh is way, way, way out there on the fringe with his comments.