Rush Theorizes That “Environmentalist Whackos” May Have Blown up Oil Rig to Stop Drilling

With so much crazy packed into three hours, it can be difficult some days to decide what to highlight in the Limbaugh Wire. Today is one of those days. Rush kicked off the show saying that President Obama has more “real enemies” in Arizona than in Iran. Limbaugh also dusted off a classic, claiming that undocumented immigrants will eventually be covered by “Obamacare.” In an impressive feat, Rush simultaneously compared Obama to Hitler and the communists. His logic? Hitler divided people by race, and the Soviets divided people by class. Obama, you see, is doing both. Rush also claimed that the left is “lying” about the new Arizona immigration bill, as law enforcement officials won't simply be stopping people on the street they suspect of being undocumented. Rather, they'll have to charge someone on an unrelated violation. Media Matters exclusively debunked this claim today. Limbaugh later said that it was Bill Clinton and “these people” who are the “bigots” and “racists” in America.

Rush continues to provide radio host Alex Jones with some competition peddling fringe conspiracies. Today Limbaugh theorized that environmentalists may have been behind the explosion of an oil rig that is currently dumping thousands of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Because the rig exploded one day before Earth Day. And Al Gore told an audience to engage in civil disobedience to show support for environmental protection. And Earth Day was inspired by a river in Cleveland catching fire. And cap and trade was strongly criticized by “hardcore environmentalist whackos,” and what better way to “head off more oil drilling” than by blowing up an oil rig? His logic is airtight. Somebody call Mensa.

Some highlights from today's show:

Limbaugh: Obama has more “real enemies” in Arizona than Iran

Limbaugh regurgitates claim that undocumented immigrants will be covered under “Obamacare”

Rush says Obama is better than Hitler and a Soviet commissar at dividing by race and class

Rush calls Bill Clinton and “these people” “bigots” and “racists”

Rush: “Jury's still out” on whether it's a “coincidence” that an oil rig expoded just before Earth Day

Rush's conspiracy theory: “Environmentalist whackos” may have blown up oil rig to “head off more oil drilling”