Rush: Obama And Holder “Continue To Protect And Represent” New Black Panther

Limbaugh floated a theory today that President Obama might “hope the Democrats lose” in 2010 so that he can “ram through” energy legislation, financial regulatory reform, and immigration legislation in a lame-duck session of Congress to “screw up the country” so much that Obama can blame the country's problems on the Republican-controlled Congress, which “sets up Obama's re-election in 2012.” Limbaugh explained that Obama “is personally conducting a war on prosperity” to ensure his re-election and that “Obama didn't inherit anything. This is not Bush's economy.” Limbaugh added that we've seen "[m]ore destruction of the free market in 18 months" than in the history of this country, but that “progressives are unhappy because the country isn't being destroyed fast enough.”

Rush made the rounds of dubious voter-fraud charges today as well, promoting a new “documentary” that claims that Obama stole the primary election from Hillary Clinton and a “study” conducted by the conservative Minnesota Majority that alleges Sen. Al Franken won his seat on the strength of felons voting illegally. Then came the crazy: Limbaugh said that Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder “continue to protect and represent” New Black Panther Party member King Samir Shabazz; he then alleged media bias based on the coverage of Mel Gibson's “raunchy” comments.

A few leftovers: Rush called Obama “a spoiled brat baby,” said that anyone who criticizes Obama is portrayed as “a racist, sexist pig,” and referred to undocumented immigrants as “undocumented Democrats,” because “amnesty” is just a “get-out-the-vote program.” Limbaugh also criticized Sen. Scott Brown for not being a true conservative because Brown said he will vote for financial regulatory reform.

Here are some highlights from today's show:

Limbaugh complains that “anybody who criticizes Obama is” declared “a racist, sexist pig”

Limbaugh: "[T]he only way the left can get what they want is to destroy our capitalist system"

Limbaugh says Obama and Holder “continue to protect and represent” New Black Panther

Limbaugh says “this is the Democrats' economy -- Obama didn't inherit anything. This is not Bush's economy”

Limbaugh: Obama may want Republicans to win midterm elections so he can blame them for laws passed in lame-duck session