Rush Limbaugh: World Health Organization Scientists Announced Bacon-Cancer Link To “Advance A Political Agenda”

From the October 27 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: OK, so we are on schedule to import an additional 12 million people legally between now and 2023. And there's Luis Gutierrez on the floor of the House lying about Donald Trump. Donald Trump has not said he wants to revoke anybody's citizenship. Donald Trump's not gone anywhere near there. Just like Harry Reid went to the floor of the Senate to lie about me, just like these United Nations people, passing themselves off as nutrition scientists, telling you that bacon and processed meat do in fact cause cancer. It's an out and out lie. It cannot be established, it cannot be proven with anecdotal evidence. I have a friend that's 84, had bacon and eggs and steak and potatoes every day of his life. And he's healthy as he can be, and I'm sure you know people like this too, this is actionable stuff. This is genuinely -- think of the people in the beef industry, they're not bad people, but they're being portrayed as enemies of the planet by these jerks at the United Nations, these left-wing Al Gore Jr.s that are actually out trying to advance a political agenda, has nothing to do with climate science.


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