Rush Limbaugh: “We have to be very vigilant” about immigrants so the US isn't “undermined from within”

Limbaugh: “As optimists, we tend to see the good before we see the bad. But when we see the bad, we have to recognize it and react to it and deal with it for the sake of the country”

From the July 17 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): I love everybody. I love everybody in the country and I want the best for everybody. And especially now that I have experienced the kind of success I've had, I certainly am not exclusive about it. My attitude is if I can, a lot of other people can because of where we live, because of the freedom that we all have to be who we are, to do the things that we love. And everybody's different. There are different levels of ambition, there are different levels of desire, there are different levels of self-confidence, there are different psychological circumstances. But the point is, in this country, there's never been a system of government which permits, allows, opens up opportunity for everybody who lives in that system. There's never been anything like the United States of America. And this is not nationalism and it's not braggadocio, it's simple realization of the blessed nature those of us born in this country have. The opportunity that we have, the lifestyle that we are born into, the opportunity to improve it, however we define that.

For 90% of the world's population, these are just dreams that never have a chance to be realized, because they don't live in places where that kind of potential is recognized, it's suppressed. That kind of potential, that kind of success, it's considered a threat to tyrants, dictators, and so forth. But here in this country it's always been the deal. And we, as conservatives, love everybody. We want a great nation. We want a strong nation. We want a nation that can't be defeated. We want a nation that remains great and vibrant and strong so as to be an assist to everybody in the world. It's a responsibility with carrying this much freedom and ensuring it, and guaranteeing it, and fighting for it. There's a responsibility that comes with that. And the desire for everybody to experience it is part of the country being great. It is what Make America Great Again means. It's called realizing that we are all Americans and we all have blessed opportunities that most in the world do not have, have never had, and will not have until they come here. That's why we have to be very vigilant over who does come here and how they get here. We don't want to open ourselves up to being undermined from within. As good people, we are susceptible to that. As optimists, we tend to see the good before we see the bad. But when we see the bad, we have to recognize it and react to it and deal with it for the sake of the country. 


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