Rush Limbaugh Warns Republicans Against Supporting Immigration Reform

Rush Limbaugh: Trump And Cruz Are The Only Ones Saying “They're Not Going To Let It Happen”

From the February 25 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: So here we have The Washington Post, and I find this -- I find this kind of interesting -- calling on the leaders of the Republican Party to destroy a candidate who says he's committed to stopping illegal immigration and preventing amnesty, which will spell the end of the Republican Party if it's not stopped. I mean if the Republican Party goes along with this Democrat Party immigration reform it's the end of the Republican Party. Need I remind people of this again? If amnesty happens -- I understand amnesty, by the way, is becoming a word that has been so overused that it no longer has any impact. Let me just put it this way, if the Republican Party goes ahead and helps the Democrats get what they want on immigration it's the end of the Republican Party. And there are two Republicans in this race standing up and saying they're not going to let it happen. One is Trump and the other is Ted Cruz.


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