Rush Limbaugh on video of Rashida Tlaib protesting 2016 Trump rally: “She was wearing no bra, or the wrong kind of bra. I mean, it was distracting folks.”

Limbaugh: “Beside the physical -- she was a banshee. She was going lunatic,” because Trump “had driven her batty”

From the July 23 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): So Trump is addressing a group of young conservatives, there's some teenagers in there, there's some 20-year-olds in there, it's in Washington, D.C. It's a Turning Point USA event, and he just did something that is classically subtle, brilliant, and indicates that the president does have some really sharp political instincts. We all know that this lunatic -- by the way, have you seen the video of Rashida Tlaib when she tried to interrupt Trump's rally during the campaign in 2016? This was before she was elected. She was insane. She was a lunatic. She was running around in the green room trying to get out to the stage to disrupt this, just shouting from the top of her lungs, and what everybody has noticed about the video is that she was wearing no bra, or the wrong kind of bra. I mean, it was distracting, folks. We're not supposed to get into this kind of thing because I'm mysoginistic and sexist and chauvinistic and all that. But beside the physical -- she was a banshee. She was going lunatic. Just the fact that Trump was in town had driven her batty. And she was trying to get through the green room, security people chasing her, she looked like a genuine Code Pink reject.   


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