Rush Limbaugh: Trump rally “send her back” chants are “totally understandable” because his supporters feel “like their country is being stolen”

Limbaugh: “This is not about race”

From the July 18 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): I don’t think “send her back” is about one person or about one thing. I think it’s a culmination of many things resulting from a boiling-over frustration. It is an overall expression of anger about the lack of enforcement of the morality and of the law and of the rules that preserve this country as founded. The American people did what they could in 2016. They elected somebody that was going to stop it. He has been opposed and thwarted at every move he’s made to try to keep his campaign promise to stop this massive invasion of illegal immigrants into the country. He has been thwarted. You can understand frustration over this building and building and building. All the while, the people who support this are being portrayed as the enemies of America, and they’re racists, and they’re bigots, and they’re homophobes. And people have been subjected to these insults now for years and years and years, and they’re tired of it. So here comes an outlet to express the frustration.


[Trump] doesn’t hate anybody. He doesn’t have an anti-Semitic or anti-gay bone in his body, and yet all of these character assassinations and distortions. I’ll tell you what this is not about. This is not about race. “Send her back” is not about race, and it’s not about Somalia. It’s not about anything other than an ongoing level of frustration with so many different things, including illegal immigration. The flaunting of the law, sanctuary cities.


We’re just supposed to sit here and smile and say, “Well, this is the new America,” and then you realize these people have no representation for their point of view outside of Donald Trump, and maybe some people on the radio. That’s it. They don’t have anybody in elective politics running interference for them. So when they show up at a Trump rally, it’s an opportunity to be heard. It’s something — how many times have you heard people call here and say, “What can I do besides vote? Voting isn’t enough. What can I do?” This is what they’re doing. They don’t really mean “send her back.” This is just a reaction. This is just the way they can communicate with the media, taunt the left, taunt the media. [It’s] not about race, not about Somalia. It’s about the ongoing disparity, unfairness, two sets of rules — the unpunished, uncommented-upon attack on the founding of this country. Which, as far as the media and the Democrats are concerned, is perfectly fine.

You can now -- we can call the founders of this country slaveowners. We can say that the author of the Declaration of Independence is a slave-owning, worthless nobody — and we can ignore what he wrote because he’s a racist, slave-owning pig. You think this kind of stuff is just going to be uncommented on, that people aren’t gonna take notice of it? And when their elected officials don’t push back against it, it’s left to them to do so. So when the opportunities arise, they do. It’s not just illegal immigration. It’s the fact that the ones coming here illegally are not even trying to become Americans. They’re not even trying to assimilate. They come here and they continue the assault on this country. They rip it to shreds. 


The American people are not supportive of this kind of stuff. The American people are not gonna sit here and happily support the demise of their country. A lot of Americans are watching all this and thinking their country is being stolen. Our founding is being stolen. Our way of life is being stolen. Our resources, our middle-class status, middle-class incomes — our goodness, our morality — is being stolen, and it’s being stolen by people like those four women in “the squad” and the Democrat Party at large. So these reactions are totally understandable to me.  


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