Rush Limbaugh Talks About Legalizing Rape

Limbaugh: You Could “Legalize Rape,” “Whatever You Want” If You Call It “The Civil Rights Act Of 2016, Because Nobody Would Have The Guts To Vote Against It”  

From the May 13 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

CALLER: The media is not covering this transgender thing the way normal people, or sane people like myself -- I don’t have any daughters, but I have nieces, I have teenage nieces, I have older nieces, I have a wife. This is a safety issue, this is about a predator, like the story you just read, going into these bathrooms and taking advantage of it. And it’s happening, but they’re not covering it. And it’s really interesting how they took gun control and turned it into gun safety, but they’re not treating this as a safety issue.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: No, that's actually a good point. Civil rights -- you could legalize rape if you called it the Civil Rights Act of 2016.


And don't, folks, don't have an overreaction here, my point -- civil rights is another way the left gets -- calling this a civil rights issue and Title VII and Title IX, people don't even know what those are. Some people might know what Title IX is if they've been impacted by it with girls in sports in college. Other than that nobody knows what Title IX is and they certainly don't know what Title VII is. Here comes the regime saying well, Title VII, Title IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 updated as is 1985, blah blah blah, specifies that trans -- it doesn't. Transgender's not even mentioned as a word in Title VII or Title IX.

So then they go back and they say, well the founders even tried to permit for this -- the founders weren't thinking transgender, transschmender when they wrote the constitution. But if you call it a civil right, then you automatically make it impossible for people to oppose it. Because if you oppose civil rights you must be a racist. That's how it’s manifested itself in our society. Civil rights issues are always race issues. That's, most of them are. For example, after the Rodney King riots in LA or any other, what have -- the civil rights division of the Justice Department goes in to investigate. 

So they always attach people, the reading public, the news consuming public, has been conditioned to attach the words “civil rights” to race. Now it's being expanded. Civil rights, gay marriage; civil rights, transgender bathroom rights; civil rights, whatever the left wants. Except over here, rape has become a safety issue. But over here this stuff is a civil rights -- if, when you hear the left equate anything with civil rights, what you should learn is this is how they are attempting to corrupt the culture. And they're doing it under the banner of civil rights, which is supposed to shut you up. It is supposed to silence opposition, because nobody with a brain is ever supposed to violate civil rights. Never, anybody with a brain would know never to oppose anything that says “civil rights” attached to it. Which is why the joke, you could legalize whatever you want by calling it the Civil Rights Act of 2016, because nobody would have the guts to vote against it. Because if they did you'd have the media, Democrats running around, saying so-and-so voted against the Civil Rights Act of 2016 denying all of our citizens equal rights, blah blah blah blah blah. 


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