Rush Limbaugh suggests journalists, hospitals are inflating COVID-19 case counts: “You can't believe the virus numbers.”

Limbaugh: The media have “every incentive to hurt Trump”

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Citation From the June 17, 2020, edition of Premiere Radio Network's The Rush Limbaugh Show

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): The coronavirus is percolating all over again in China. “New China Outbreak Raises Fears for World,” Drudge lead headline. “Schools Shut, Flights Halted in China,” Drudge headline. “Residents Rounded Up,” Drudge headline. “Six U.S. States See Record Jump in Cases.”


OK, so, let's look at some contradictory stories. American Institute for Economic Research: “What spike? Hospitalization data show no indication of a second wave." My point, folks, you can't believe anything in the news because there isn't any news anymore, and I am sorry for being redundant. There's a media but they don't do news. They are not journalists. They are hiding as journalists. They are activists every bit as much as liberal judges are not judges -- they too are activists. There is no pretense of doing news, there's no pretense. The only thing that's happening is destroy Donald Trump, destroy Trump voters, destroy the Republican Party, reelect Democrats. That's all that's going on. You cannot believe this stuff. You can't believe the virus numbers.

Look the hospitals have every incentive to call every patient a virus patient because they get money for it. The press, the media, has every incentive to hurt Trump. And the people counting and adding up all these numbers, they have issues with counting and they are hiding their math. The modelers the projections, we are not getting the truth out of anything.