Rush Limbaugh suggests bombs mailed to Democrats are a false flag: “Republicans just don't do this kind of thing”

Limbaugh: “There's a smell test that this stuff has to pass, and, so far, a lot of people's noses are in the air, not quite certain of what to make of this”

From the October 24 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Mrs. Clinton, it's your party, forgive me, that is encouraging this kind of thing. It is the Democrat Party that's home to all of these mobs. It's the Democrat Party -- Mrs. Clinton herself who said that being uncivil at this point in time is entirely proper and understandable. It's -- the time to go back to civility will be after the Democrats win. You've got bought and paid for operatives by Mrs. Clinton money showing up at Trump rallies trying to make them look like deranged Trump supporters. The Democrats are even paying people to draw swastikas on American flags and waving them around, made to look like deranged, lunatic Trump supporters. 

And so, in the midst of this atmosphere, we have this series of bombs that were supposedly sent today, exclusively to Democrats. And it just -- there's a smell test that this stuff has to pass, and, so far, a lot of people's noses are in the air, not quite certain of what to make of this. This is just -- it's not Republicans that show up, for example, at the offices of the Family -- what is it, some pro-life group's offices, some guy shows up with a gun and was going to shoot people, got caught before he was able to shoot anyone, Family Research Center (sic) I think, yeah. 

Republicans just don't do this kind of thing. Even though every event, like mass shootings, remember, every mass shooting there is, the Democrats in the media try to make everybody think right off the bat that some tea partier did it, or some talk radio fan did it, or some Fox News viewer did it. Turns out, it's never, ever the case. Not one of these bombs went off. And if a Democrat operative's purpose here is to make it look like, hey, you know, there are mobs everywhere, the mobs are not just Democrat mobs. I mean, look at this, you've got people here trying to harm CNN, and Obama, and Hillary and Bill Clinton, and Debbie blabbermouth Schultz. It just -- it might serve a purpose here. 

And by the way, guess what's also not in the news now, and that's the other mob that's finding its way north through Mexico attempting to crash the U.S. border at or near election day. That story is off. And, I'll tell you, there's another story that's not being covered right now, and that is the declining blue wave that was supposedly automatic and going to happen a week ago and a month ago, but we're not going to let this sidetrack us.


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