Rush Limbaugh on spending deal: “The president can portray [it] as a win”

Limbaugh: “He can portray it as a win because the Democrats were offering zip, zero, nada” 

From the February 12 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): So we start with $1.6 billion, gets taken out, we get zero, we get a shutdown. The shutdown goes on a significant amount of time, the American people learn what's at stake. The American people, because of the never ending reporting of the drive-by media, find out what the shutdown's really all about, and they find out that one side wants essentially open borders with no limits on the number of illegal immigrants that can come into the country. That's good for us. People didn't know this. People have a different -- the people that listen to drive-by media think that Trump is separating families, and mothers and children are in tears all day, and we're distorting and destroying families all over the world. They got a chance to see the truth, learn the truth. I think it was a deft maneuver by the president. So now, here we are at another compromise, which authorizes $1.375 billion, less than the $1.6, but still greater than the zero. So let's look at the options. If the president signs this, what can he say? He can say, ”Look, I wanted 64 mile expansion of the wall, I got 55 here and it's just a continuation.” One of the president's themes last night, “We're already doing it. We're already building the wall, we're already expanding, we're already modernizing,” and this will be portrayed as a continuation of something that is already happening. He can portray it as a win because the Democrats were offering zip, zero, nada, even though it's less than what Trump said he wanted. 


Anything that happens that solidifies and cements that effort as being taken and underway, the president can portray as a win. He can always holdout the card of declaration of a national emergency to get the rest of it built and so forth. 


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