Rush Limbaugh Says Republicans On Benghazi Committee Used Strategy He Suggested To Question Clinton

From the October 22 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: In fact, I've detected something that I actually suggested earlier this year on these hearings. And I'll just briefly, before getting into that in detail -- I suggested that in addition to, and maybe with even more emphasis than focusing on this email business, tie her to Libya. She clearly wants to be seen as the person who vanquished Qaddafi. Well, let her have it, because Libya is an absolute mess, just like the rest of the Middle East is. But if she wants to be tied to Libya, do it. And so far there have been a couple Republicans who have done a really bang-up, good job today of focusing her as the architect of what happened in Libya, Benghazi just a part of that. Taking out Qaddafi, who had become an ally of sorts, actually led to all kinds of messes being created, not just in Libya but throughout the region. And I think that the overall objective here, if it's not too late, if they could just focus on her incompetence as secretary of state, with the emails and Benghazi folded in as part of it, could actually end up being somewhat of a surprise attack, and it would be effective. 


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