Rush Limbaugh Rips Into NY's Gov. Cuomo For Offering “Refuge” To Groups Under Trump's Attack

Limbaugh Suggests Trump Say To Cuomo: “We're Not Going To Look The Other Way In The Eyes Of Compassion Or What Have You”

From the November 14 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Cuomo takes a stand against Trump and offers people under attack to take refuge in the Empire State. Governor Cuomo said “Whether you are gay or straight, Muslim or Christian, rich or poor, black or white or brown, we respect all people in the state of New York.” That's B. S. Just a couple of years ago, Cuomo invited all pro-life, pro-gun conservatives to leave New York state. Does anybody remember this? He said “New York is not open to conservatives, it's not going to be a welcoming place.” If I were Trump, I'd call Andrew Cuomo and say “You want to do this?” I'd call DeBlasio too, I think he's doing the same thing in the city and I think Rahm Emanuel is doing the same in Chicago, and I'd call these guys: “Fine, you want to do this? You keep it up and I'm going to impound every dime of federal money your cities are getting. I am not going to sit here and openly tolerate lawlessness like you are encouraging, Governor Cuomo.” Illegal immigration is illegal. Sanctuary cities are illegal. Sanctuary states are illegal and we are not putting up with this. We are not going to look the other way in the eyes of compassion or what have you while you continue to bring in undocumented, hopefully-soon-to-be registered Democrat voters under some premise that they're being discriminated against by a bunch of hatemongers because none of it is true and if you want to keep getting federal money you're going to shut this down and stop this right now. That's what I would do. And if Trump asked me what he should do, that's what I would tell him that he should do. Trump has not asked me.


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