Rush Limbaugh revives conspiracy theory that Mueller investigation is “a silent coup” to get rid of Trump

Limbaugh: “They cannot stand that an outsider has come in and become the most powerful man in the free world”

From the December 4 edition of Premiere Radio Network's The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): [Sen.] Diane Feinstein [(D-CA)] now is saying that, in the Senate, their investigation into Trump-Russia collusion has become an obstruction of justice investigation. And, I think that's what [special counsel Robert] Mueller is. Mueller has always been an investigation leading to impeachment, not crime. We're not looking here at an investigation that's going to lead to an indictment by a grand jury, that will then have trials with evidence placed before a jury where guilt or innocence is concerned.

This is obviously a collection of evidence, obstruction of justice. They are going to try to nail Trump on this and have that lead into impeachment proceedings. Now this has caused one of the president's lawyers, a man named John Dowd, to tweet out that a president cannot be guilty of obstruction of justice because he runs the executive branch, and as such is entitled to know everything going on there if he wants, and can fire anybody he wants at anytime. Which legally he can do. Politically, of course, there are consequences for this.


The Russian collusion angle -- There isn't any collusion, there isn't any evidence, and yet this investigation is ongoing. And it turns out that the investigation is attempting to criminalize a presidential transition. Now, what is happening here, in my humble opinion, and I am not alone in this, and I am not saying this for the first time, I think there is -- and has been, ever since Trump was elected -- a silent coup to get him out of office, ultimately. And before that is realized they want to totally discredit Trump. They cannot stand that an outsider has come in and become the most powerful man in the free world. They literally can't stand it. They can't stand it. The taste in their mouths is rancid and they've got to get rid of it. This is such an affront to them, intellectually, personally, and so forth. Trump has to go. 


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