Rush Limbaugh On Protests At Mizzou: “We're Being Held Hostage By A Minority”

Limbaugh: “We've Got Blackmail Going On On This Campus As A Result Of The Blackmail That Happened In Ferguson And In Baltimore”

From the November 13 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: As of the 2014 census, the black population in the state of Missouri: 11.8 percent. As of 2014, census figures from the University of Missouri website: the black population on campus is seven percent. A total of 2,553 students, which is seven percent of the student body at Mizzou. The number of historically black colleges in America: 109. So that's roughly two black colleges per state. In North Carolina there are 11. One hundred nine historically all-black colleges. My point is here that we're being told that we're evil, mean-spirited, racist. We're being held hostage by a minority, folks. And I don't mean just -- I'm talking about a numerical minority. A numerical minority, and it's true every -- a numerical minority of the gay population, the numerical minority of the transgender population, the numerical minority of far left-wing women, for example. We're dealing with tiny numbers here.

If you go to the University of Missouri, you got 30,000 students at Mizzou who are not rioting, who are not striking -- many of whom are embarrassed and wish all this would go away. Thirty thousand students at Mizzou who are not demanding anything, not screaming, not striking, not whining, not complaining, not acting like spoiled children. We've got blackmail going on on this campus as a result of the blackmail that happened in Ferguson and in Baltimore. Nobody stands up to it.


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