Rush Limbaugh: Priest Sex Abuse Scandal “Was About The Gay Infiltration Of The Catholic Church”

From the February 29 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: The movie that won [the Academy Award for] Best Picture last night was Spotlight. You know what Spotlight was about? Well, “Spotlight” was the investigative journalism arm of The Boston Globe. That's what the section of the paper was called, I gather. And they did a huge exposé on the Catholic Church and uncovered the fact that priests were abusing young boys, primarily, but young children, for years and years. It was pedophilia, it was rape, it was any number of things. And so what this was about was the -- who's doing this stuff? This was about the gay infiltration of the Catholic Church and had all these priests preying on -- I mean, it had to be a very contradictory moment or a conflicting moment, I would think, to expose something like this. Because that's -- we're told that that really doesn't happen. But yet, the movie of the year -- or yeah, is that what they -- the best picture highlighted that very thing.


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