Rush Limbaugh praises deranged election conspiracy theories of Trump lawyers

Limbaugh: “The Trump votes were so overwhelming, the rigged system melted down”

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Citation From the November 19, 2020, edition of Premiere Radio Network's The Rush Limbaugh Show

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST) Okay. That’s Sidney Powell. Rudy’s coming back to the microphone now. I want to review what has happened here. By the way, Fox I’m told stayed with the press conference the whole time. MSNBC, CNN did not. I’m sure the other networks didn’t. But, folks, what a story. Sidney Powell just dropped bombs all over the place.

For instance, Trump votes were so overwhelming, the number of people who had voted for Trump that the rigged system, this Dominion system with the Smartmatic software melted down. It couldn’t handle, it couldn’t cheat fast enough, it could not overcome the number of legitimate Trump votes. This is why they had to stop everything overnight.

This is why they had to stop counting, they had to stop the process because they were losing space, losing time, losing the ability to catch up and stay even with the number of legitimate votes that were coming in for Trump. That’s what one of her references, the evidence is coming in like a fire hose. 

You need to imagine this now. The Trump votes, just in the normal counting process, the number of people voting from Pennsylvania, Michigan, and every one of these places that they’re now studying, the Trump votes, according to Sidney Powell, who, remember, impeccable reputation. She, at the close of her remarks, had one of the most dynamic, patriotic calls to action I have heard. We’re working on getting the audio of that now since it happened during the top-of-the-hour break. I don’t know how many of you heard it, but you must and you will in mere moments.

The Trump votes were so overwhelming, the rigged system couldn’t keep up with them. The system designed to cheat could not keep up so they had to stop the count. Trump was 800,000 votes ahead. They stopped the count. They figure out what they needed. They had to figure two things. They had to stop these numbers of votes coming in for Trump and they had to replace them with Biden votes. This is probably why so many Biden votes only had Biden’s name on them.

I imagine if they’d had time they would have completed these ballots with all kinds of Democrats down the ballot also having been voted for. They didn’t have time. They didn’t have time. They only had time to put Biden’s name on these fake ballots and then feed them into the system. I mean, this was a full hour, if you count Rudy and then into Sidney Powell, then Jenna Ellis, it was a full hour of constant, overwhelming evidence.

Rudy made a strong case that the fraud is big enough to change the result and that the evidence is clear. Jenna Ellis said, “This is our opening statement. We’re not taking questions now. This is a legal case. It’s gonna take time. These things don’t happen like Law & Order where you get it all wrapped up inside of 60 minutes.” Sidney Powell with the evidence of fraud from the machines. She detailed evidence of communist money from China, from Russia.

She made the point that if you want to talk about foreign interference in our elections, then this is where it happened. Not in 2016. This is where it happened. And they have a witness who has explained it all, how it works, the influence of communist money from China, from Russia, to rig the elections. And I think one of the key things I heard, the Democrats and the people running the cheating software, the Dominion software with Smartmatic, I think they didn’t expect Trump to do as well as he was, and they had to stop counting.

They could not believe Trump was up 800,000 votes in Pennsylvania. That doesn’t happen simply because they forgot to count a city. They don’t forget to count Pennsylvania. And they don’t forget to count Pittsburgh. They were 800,000 votes behind. Remember these people on the left, the Democrat Party, they believed their own PR. They believed their own buzz. They believed they were gonna win this in a landslide.

They believed everybody hated Trump. They believed Twitter is America. And they believed that everybody hated Trump like they did. And they didn’t care about the rallies, they didn’t care how many people showed up at the rallies. They believed that Trump was gonna be sent packing because everybody in America hates Trump like they do. And then they saw the number of votes coming in for Trump, but they could not believe it and they had to stop it. They had to stop the counting. Why do that? Why stop the -- this not done. It’s never done.

“Well, you say that, Rush, but they stopped in 2016.” Yeah, I know. Same thing. Back then they didn’t have these machines up and running. They thought Hillary was gonna win then in a big, big landslide. They weren’t prepared for what happened. So they shut the counting down for an hour and a half around midnight, 2016, and they’re looking for votes anywhere they can find ’em. They didn’t find ’em. This year they took into account what happened in 2016. They had their Dominion software machines from Venezuela from a company owned and operated by Hugo Chavez, RIP, and then you have, and Maduro, now his inheritor.

And here comes Trump just blowing them out of the water. They had no idea. They didn’t expect Trump to be doing as well as he did, 800,000-vote lead in Pennsylvania. Unheard of. So they had to stop the counting. Then they had to rig the system. And the system was overwhelmed by the number of Trump votes. The cheating couldn’t keep up with the number of legal Trump votes. I warned everybody, or cautioned everybody on Election Day, show up. Vote. Show up on Election Day. Go turn out.

There’s nothing that can replace that. There’s nothing that can cheat that out of existence. Live turnout, record turnout, there’s no amount of cheating can fix that. This proves this. You couldn’t make up the stories that we heard in this last hour, you couldn’t make up that much devious garbage if you were trying to. It was astounding.

The Trump votes were so overwhelming, the rigged system melted down. They had to shut it down. Sidney Powell also said that Dominion executives are now MIA. Their offices are being abandoned and moved. Jenna Ellis hammered the fake news today when it was her turn at the microphone as well as I’ve ever heard anybody do it. Chastised them how none of them would qualify for a fair jury because of their bias. None of them would be certified by a judge to ever sit on a nonbiased jury so they don’t get to decide this case.

It’s gonna go to a trial and they’re gonna take their time, they’re gonna do it right because this is about the integrity of the American electoral system. It’s not just per se getting Donald Trump elected. It’s about the Constitution and the integrity of our system. So why are these executives from Dominion software and Smartmatic, why are they fleeing the jurisdiction? Why are they now MIA? Why aren’t they there defending what they did? They sold their machines to Democrats and voter registration places all over Pennsylvania, all over Michigan, all over Wisconsin.

Why aren’t they there standing up for their machines? Why aren’t they there defending their system? Why aren’t they there explaining? “No, you guys got us all wrong.” Why are their offices being abandoned? Why are people grabbing things from their offices and throwing them in the back of cars and splitting the parking lot, leaving the city? Dominion executives are now MIA. Their offices are being abandoned and moved. And Sidney Powell said that President Trump won this by a landslide and that they are gonna prove it.

These claims are false. As Linda Qiu wrote in The New York Times:

On Monday, Ms. Powell posted some of her so-called evidence on Twitter. It consisted of three screenshots of an affidavit that she said was signed by a former military official from Venezuela about elections there. The screenshots were incomplete and did not include a name or signature, and Ms. Powell did not respond to requests to view the full document.

But according to her and excerpts from the affidavit, the elections software company Smartmatic helped the Venezuelan government rig its elections by switching votes and leaving no trail. The military official said in the excerpts that the U.S. election was “eerily reminiscent” of what happened in Venezuela’s 2013 presidential election, though no evidence was provided that votes had been switched in the United States.


Smartmatic does not provide technology to the battleground states that sealed President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s victory. And electronic voting security experts said they were unimpressed with what Ms. Powell presented.


The excerpts from Ms. Powell also included numerous inaccurate claims to imply a similarity between Venezuela’s elections and the U.S. election, chiefly drawing dubious parallels between Smartmatic and Dominion, which was used in several key states. Ms. Powell took the claims one step further, telling the right-wing media company Newsmax that Venezuela’s vote counting system was then “exported” to the United States.

The official she cited also said that Dominion’s system was “a descendant” of Smartmatic’s system, that they “did business together” and that Mr. Biden had overtaken Mr. Trump only when “vote counting was stopped.”

Smartmatic and Dominion have denied any exchange of technology and maintain that they are competitors. Dominion bought assets from a company three years after Smartmatic sold the company. And Mr. Biden overtook Mr. Trump in Pennsylvania and Georgia after days of consistent counting, while maintaining a lead in Arizona that narrowed as tallying continued.

The official also claimed to Ms. Powell that voting machines display and print out a paper ballot showing the results the voter intended, while the software itself “changes the information electronically.” But Dominion’s system does not work like that.