Rush Limbaugh: “One way to end” the Russia probe “is just pardon everybody that Mueller is investigating, right now”

From the July 21 edition of Premiere Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Now, The Washington Post has a story out today that the Trump administration, that Trump and his family are asking experts who among them can be pardoned and can the president, himself, be pardoned.


I think [special counsel Robert] Mueller's the story, I don't think Trump is. Mueller's the story. This out-of-control investigation that is obviously a political opposition research program underway, with all the liberal Democrats supporting Obama and Hillary that Mueller has hired. And the no parameters and the wide open playing field, they go anywhere back in time to any point they want. There's no limits on them. And one way Trump can shut it down, there's speculation, why don't you just fire Mueller?


One way to end this is just pardon everybody that Mueller is investigating, right now. Just pardon them. It would shut down the investigation. If there's not going to be any punishment, if there are not going to be -- whatever charges are brought eventually, if allegations are made. They've been pre-pardoned here. It'd be one way of shutting it down.


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