Rush Limbaugh Nods To Clinton Body-Double Conspiracy Theory

Limbaugh: Clinton “Emerges From Chelsea’s Apartment Looking Entirely, Entirely Different. …She Even Looked Thinner, Younger.” People Will Want To Know “What Kind Of Magic Goes On In There?” 

From the September 12 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): So let's go to the audio soundbites. I’m going to go back now, here we are with Mrs. Clinton, this is the moment she emerged from her daughter’s emergency room -- her daughter’s apartment. Well it made me wonder if there was an ER in there. Folks, I'm not kidding, you don't know what at tightrope it is walking this stuff, because it’s imperative that people, even people who don't like me, understand what’s going on here and accept what I’m saying. This woman is not well, she is horribly sick, she's in terribly bad shape and they are trying to cover this up. And its remarkable, they tell us she’s got pneumonia, and she’s hugging children, she’s breathing all over people, she’s subjecting them to this. It’s a contagious disease. They tell us she’s a had it since Friday, she’s hanging around -- Barbara Streisand was at this fundraiser. Barbara Streisand, I mean the last thing she needs is pneumonia. And nobody is talking about that, so then she has the incident after looking very poorly. She just did not look well at all at the 9/11 ceremony. And then the seizure or whatever it is happens going into the van, an hour and a half later she emerges from Chelsea’s apartment looking entirely, entirely different.


And she’s hugging the child and the photos of her coming out, she looked much, much better. She even looked thinner, younger. I’m telling you there are a lot of women that are going to want to know, what’s possible in Chelsea’s apartment? What kind of magic goes on in there?


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