Rush Limbaugh: Mainstream media want coronavirus to be deadly — just like “they hope for hurricanes … so they can say ‘climate change’”

Rush Limbaugh: Media want coronavirus to be deadly — just like “they hope for hurricanes … so they can say ‘climate change’”

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Citation From the February 25, 2020, edition of Premiere Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh Show

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Welcome back, Rush Limbaugh, the cutting edge of societal evolution here on the one and only EIB network. By the way, in that previous sound bite, I'm not gonna replay it, the one with Sanjay Gupta on CNN, John King says, “So, Dr. Gupta, is the coronavirus the common cold, like ‘Dr. Limbaugh’ says?” And Dr. Gupta says, “Well, you know, I think what Rush is referring to, the idea, it's from a family of —” he did not say I was wrong.

Can I ask you a question? You remember the cruise ship that was quarantined in Japan? What was it, the “Virus of the Seas,” whatever the name of the ship was? How many people were on board that ship — twenty-five hundred, three-thousand — what percentage of them were infected? practically 80% of them were infected. How many have died? Zero. Fourteen Americans, I think, on that ship have been brought back under quarantine. How many of them have died?

If — look, folks, it is what it is. The media wants it to be what it not yet is. Now, it could be, it could evolve, and who knows what it can — right now, the media is reporting on the coronavirus as they hope it evolves. They hope for hurricanes — on the first day of hurricane season, they hope for Hurricane Katrina so they can say “climate change,” anything to advance the leftist agenda. Now, the leftist agenda includes getting rid of Trump. They would love for the coronavirus to be this deadly strain that wipes everybody out, so they could blame Trump for it.

Don't doubt me on that. If you've been paying attention to mainstream media for the past four years, you can't doubt me on that. They haven't reported one thing true about these supposed Trump scandals. There was no collusion with Russia. There was not a shred of evidence, there was nothing even wrong to be impeached — zip, zero, nada. And yet look at what they've made of it. The news became what they wanted to be true. And because they wanted it to be true, they reported it as true.

They're doing the same thing with the coronavirus. Just be patient. Just, you know, be in control. If it evolves and becomes something very bad, I am confident the United States will be prepared for it, because we have competent people in these agencies now.