Rush Limbaugh: Maryland State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby Wore Her Politics “On Her Bra Strap”

From the May 23 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Now this case -- let's go back and listen to Marilyn Mosby. She’s the state attorney here and this is the day, it’s May 1 of 2015, so just a little over a year ago, she's announcing all of these charges, and it took her 15 minutes to recite these charges, if you recall. You may not recall, I do, I was here. 15 minutes to recite all the charges. She overcharged this. I actually think, there’s a part of me that thinks that Marilyn Mosby -- she had to know she wasn’t going to get convictions on very many of these charges. I think the point of making the charge was to satisfy the mob at the time. Because many people think a charge is the equivalent of a guilty verdict, the way the criminal justice system is reported on.


She, I think, was trying to buy some time with this excessive charging and buying herself some insurance in case verdicts came back not guilty, but I don’t think she was planning on not guilty on everything. That’s why she overcharged. She overcharged to get guilty on something, even if it was just blowing your nose in a no-crossing zone, something like that. Anything, but she didn't even get that. Let’s go back and listen to Marilyn Mosby. And remember that she was -- her politics were being worn on her sleeve, on her bra strap, you couldn't miss them.


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