Rush Limbaugh: LGBT Rights Are “Leading To The Erosion Of Private Property”

Limbaugh: “The Federal Government Is Going To Have To Come In And Take Over Everything In Order To Guarantee Civil Rights”

From the May 18 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): So now we move to the transgender bathroom order that Obama mandated on American schools with the threat of withholding financial funding from schools.


“Obama knows he doesn't have the legal authority to issue such an order, but he is determined to create as much chaos as he can and to unilaterally impose his iron will to the fullest extent before his term expires.

No one will convince me that this has anything to do with the rights of transgender people. Rather, Obama and his fellow leftists are seeing how far they can push the envelope -- how much they can fundamentally transform America against the people's will and against the protections guaranteed by the federal and state constitutions."


I think, personally, that all of this is leading to the erosion of private property. That's where I think the left is dreaming of all this ending up, under the thesis that, if you leave it up to private property owners, everybody that we love is going to be discriminated against, and we can't have it Federal government is going to have to come in and take over everything in order to guarantee civil rights. I think that's where this is headed. Gay rights, transgender rights is just the latest vehicle for getting there. That's me. Back to my brother's piece.


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