Rush Limbaugh: Leftists “simply hate the fact that this country was founded by a white, male patriarchy” 

Limbaugh: Feminists “can't escape the rage, because they can't escape the permanent victimhood status that they have adopted for themselves.”

From the February 6 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): They simply hate the fact that this country was founded by a white, male patriarchy. And everything descends from that, because of that America is racist. Because of that America is still a slave state. Because of that everybody else who is not white male has always been discriminated against, has never gotten a fair shot at anything, has always been down trodden, beat down, ignored, laughed at, whatever. And these women feel the same way, they are activist leftist women who believe that they have been targeted for discrimination, second-class status. They're acting as though this is still the 1700s or 1800s, no changes have happened since then. And they've been taught this when they were in school, it's been fed to them by their leftist parents and grandparents and they have festered over the years to now, they harbor an ongoing, daily hatred for the founding of the country, the people who did it, and the descendants of the founders. And in their minds the descendants of the founders are white, male, successful people.


But at the end of it all, women, like every other group in the Democrat party constituency, these women see themselves as massive victims, massive victims of a white male conservative patriarchy. And so the acknowledgment that they have never before been as represented in Congress as they are to them is to them a triumph over their enemy. It's not that they are successful and joining the greatness of America, it is that they have been successful in conquering their enemy, white men. And do not doubt me on this. Listen to any feminist talk about the things that make her mad, and it's always going to have at the root of it something a man or men in general, white men, have done. But the Democrat party has excelled in making every one of their supporters feel like victims of something. Creating victimology is in it's own way a brilliant thing, because once you convince somebody they're a victim, you have absolved them of any personal responsibility. If their lives are failures, if they're unhappy, if they're miserable, being a victim of some thing or somebody explains it, it's not their fault. So they don't have any self doubt about that, they have just nothing but rage and anger. Hillary Clinton is constantly enraged. Sonia Sotomayor, the thing that stands out -- Michelle Obama. They are enraged all the time, they're angry over their plight, over what has been done to them, over what has been denied them.

Even while they are making gains, and even while they are “overcoming,” they can't escape the rage, because they can't escape the permanent victimhood status that they have adopted for themselves. And they seek to spread this victimhood status to as many people as possible because victims are also helpless, and when you're helpless you can't take care of yourself much less anybody else, so what do you need? You become dependent. And if they can make every one of these victims feel victimized by the same group of people, then they have created a massive political army, and that's what we're seeing. We have a massive political army of angry, enraged leftists who all hate the same thing. And the things that they hate happen to be, in large part, the very things that have led to American exceptionalism, have led to America being the greatest nation on Earth, they are objecting to freedom and liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


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