Rush Limbaugh: “Left-Wing Activists” Turned University of Missouri Alum Michael Sam Into “Victim Number One”

Limbaugh: Former NFL Player Michael Sam “Has A Lot To Learn About Being A Radical Liberal Activist”

From the November 10 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: Michael Sam in a story found at NewsBusters yesterday said that he had personally experienced no racism at all when he played football for played football for Mizzou (University of Missourri). Claims to have personally experienced no racism whatsoever. Michael Sam has a lot to learn about being a radical liberal activist. After the university president, Tim Wolfe, resigned on Monday, Sam said I don't know -- I didn't experience any racial issues. It didn't happen. Everything was fine. They gave me awards. And the left-wing activists could not let this stand. I mean, here's openly-gay, award-winning linebacker from Mizzou, African-American, says he didn't experience any racism, and that's the whole reason all this hubbub is going on. So they got hold of Michael Sam. They took him somewhere and he got his mind right and the next story that came out on Breitbart was Michael Sam, the openly-gay football player who competed at the University of Missouri 2009-2013, tweeted his delight after the president announced his resignation on Monday morning. Michael Sam said, 'If Mizzou is truly a family then we all must stand by #ConcernedStudent1950.' 'Today was just one step forward, one more step forward, and it's true we can still come together in any circumstance.' So yesterday, hey, you know, I didn't experience any racism. A short few hours later they'd gotten his mind right and he became victim number one as he should've always portrayed himself to be and was off on the right --


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