Rush Limbaugh: LeBron James and NFL athletes who kneel are “spoiled brats being used as political tools by left-wing activists”

Limbaugh: LeBron James “railing against Trump” on CNN is “supposed to bring all the other dead-brain dolts that watch that network right along into the fold”

From the July 31 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Look, I know we have freedom of speech. Anybody can say what they want. But [LeBron James] has no political education whatsoever. But there he was on CNN. He was on there with Don Lemon. And, of course, he's serving the exact purpose that CNN wants. He's some famous athlete railing against Trump, and it's supposed to bring all the other dead-brain dolts that watch that network right along into the fold. That Trump is an idiot, that Trump is dividing the nation with racism. 

May I ask, who started this? Who started this business? Who decided to start taking a knee and disrespecting the national anthem? That would be a guy by the name of Colin Kaepernick, right? And then who decided to join him? A bunch of other athletes, buddies on the San Francisco 49ers and some other NFL teams. And I don't care how you slice it, when the national anthem is being played and the flag is being hoisted and you do anything that looks like you're protesting that, it's going to be properly understood as you are protesting America, you are protesting the flag and people who protect it, such as the U.S. military. Add the fact that you are playing a game, although risky, for which you're being paid millions of dollars, it just doesn't quite follow that America is this gigantic, oppressive, racist place. But there he is, LeBron James. And he's on there with CNN, with Don Lemon, saying that President Trump is using sports to divide the nation.


The way I saw it, Donald Trump was minding his own business one day, decided to run for president, and despite all the odds he won. A whole bunch of hateful people sprang up the moment Trump announced and started saying some of the most horrible, vilification type things, vilifying things toward Trump and his family. But Trump was minding his own business one day until the Kaepernick incident happened, and then other NFL players picked it up. And then other athletes decided to get into the action and say to the media, “Hey, cover me! Cover me! I'll also diss America if that's what it takes to get coverage.” So they do it, and Trump reacts. So Trump reacting to these spoiled brats being used as political tools by left-wing activists like CNN and others. Trump is accused of using sports to divide the nation. Trump didn't take the knee. Trump didn't disrespect the flag. Trump didn't try to get other people to join him in kneeling while the anthem was being played. All Trump did was call out the people who were doing it. 


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