Rush Limbaugh Lauds Trump's Justification For Sexism

Limbaugh: “He Means Women Are Bigger Critics Of Women Than I Could Ever Hope To Be”

From the May 10 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: What [Trump] means by “women get it better than we do” is -- do I need to point this one out? Well, I have over the course of I don't know how many years. You're walking down the street with your wife or your girlfriend, and you see some woman across the street. You think, “Wow,” when you look at her. What you don't notice is your wife's looking at her too, and hating on her, and criticizing every imperfection there is. No matter what you're doing, you just don't notice it. That's what Trump means. You're shaking your head at that, Don? No way. This is -- that's what he means by “women know it better than I do.” He means women are bigger critics of women than I could ever hope to be. Anyway, my only point is that the Democrats, the left, has this 30-year playbook of how to destroy conservatives by simply exposing “the horrible, the mean-spirited, insensitive things they say,” but that isn't going to work on Trump the way it works on conservatives.


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