Rush Limbaugh Laments That Men Can't “Theoretically, Figuratively, Or Literally” Hit Women

Limbaugh: Hillary Clinton Is Benefiting From “A Clear Double Standard”

From the February 16 edition of Premiere Radio Network's The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: If there were a man who had been secretary of state with her horrible record running for president, I guarantee you he would be judged much more harshly than Mrs. Clinton is being. Mrs. Clinton isn't judged at all, particularly by people on the left. They want to coronate her. She gets the most favorable press of any person in this race outside of Barack Hussein Obama. There's a clear double standard from which she is benefiting. The fact that she is a woman covers her incompetence and masks it. And the fact that she is a woman prevents anybody from seriously going after her on that. But you won't see Bernie Sanders do it. Bernie Sanders won't go after her incompetence as secretary of state, even if he thought it, because she's a woman. And you still don't hit the woman, no matter how far the feminists advance. There's still certain societal norms. You don't invade a woman's space. You don't theoretically, figuratively, or literally hit the woman. You don't be mean to the woman. You just don't do it no matter who the woman is. Even if it's Nurse Ratchet, you don't do it.


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