Rush Limbaugh: It's Almost Like “There's A Bit of Excitement” Among Liberals When Mass Shootings Occur

Limbaugh: Liberals “Go Into Gear Immediately, With Their Planned Responses That Tar And Feather And Blame Republicans”

From the December 3 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: The left got into gear so fast, with their automatic narratives. Another Planned Parenthood shooting, or another right-wing Republican group shooting up, I mean they are waiting for these events to happen. And then, the New York Daily News headline today, “God Isn't Fixing This.” Have you noticed how that was immediately on the lips of many leftists out there? As though this has been planned in advance for the next event such as this, we're gonna go after these Republican presidential candidates who offers prayers for the families of the victims in the aftermath. I mean, within seconds of that happening, here comes this anti-barrage, anti-prayer, anti-religious barrage from all over the Internet, as though that was structured and planned, and put in place and just waiting for the go signal. My point is, none of the reaction to this is spontaneous, it's all structured, it's all planned. I'm talking about the reaction from the left.

And I maintain to you that that structured, planned, orchestrated reaction comes from a place of reality. The reality is that they know they have to deflect attention away from themselves, because it is their political correctness, it is their political agenda which is making these events more possible. It is their policies, it is their attitudes, that is making these shootings, whether it be jihad, whether it be unrest in the inner city, Ferguson, whatever it is, they are the enablers. Their policies, their attitudes, their criticisms of the country justify or make possible the justification of these events. It's almost as though when these events happen, there's a bit of excitement because they get to go into gear immediately, with their planned responses that tar and feather and blame Republicans for this, when once again there isn't a single Republican fingerprint on any of this. There isn't a single conservative fingerprint on any of this. In fact, if there were policies in place that had been implemented by Republicans or conservatives, the likelihood of events like this happening would be much less.


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